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GOGOGO Sport rangfinder GS24

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Rangefinder for Golf or Hunting| Gogogo GS24 White 650Y
Rangefinder for Golf or Hunting| Gogogo GS24 White 650Y
Rangefinder for Golf or Hunting| Gogogo GS24 White 650Y
Rangefinder for Golf or Hunting| Gogogo GS24 White 650Y
Rangefinder for Golf or Hunting| Gogogo GS24 White 650Y
Rangefinder for Golf or Hunting| Gogogo GS24 White 650Y
Rangefinder for Golf or Hunting| Gogogo GS24 White 650Y
Rangefinder for Golf or Hunting| Gogogo GS24 White 650Y
Rangefinder for Golf or Hunting| Gogogo GS24 White 650Y
Rangefinder for Golf or Hunting| Gogogo GS24 White 650Y

Rangefinder for Golf or Hunting| Gogogo GS24 White 650Y


The package includes:


GOGOGO Sport GS24 measuring range from 5 to 650 yards, with +/- 1m high accuracy and 6x magnification. The result of each measurement is accurate and steady.


The flagpole locking function supports a distance up to 150 yards (Flagpole only) and 250 yards (Aim the flag when it's unfolded). Our rangefinder can meet most user’s needs





What our customers think

Archer F.

Been looking at rangefinders for about a month trying to decide if getting one would really be an asset to my golf game. Considered getting a $200 one but that seemed like an unreasonable risk if I ended up not liking it or finding out it doesn't help my game. Found this one and decided I could do $100 and not feel bad if it was something I didn't end up liking/using. It's had great reviews so far so i went for it. Really wasn't expecting much out of a $100 golf-rangefinder, but I've been pleasantly surprised with this product! For the price and function, you cannot beat it. Slope function works great, target accuracy is spot on, and the fact that it runs on AAA's is just a bonus (CR2's are pricey for a battery, but AAAs are cheap as dirt). Magnification is more than sufficient and very clear (adjust clarity by turning eyepiece); unless you've got it set up on a tripod, getting a good read on something beyond 150 is always going to be a little tricky, doesn't matter what rangefinder/brand you're using. My only unknown right now is the durability of it, but it does have a 12-month warranty on it so really no matter how you look at it this is totally worth a shot. (UPDATE: had it for a year, no issues. Still haven’t upgraded becuz this things has been GREAT!)


I am an avid golfer. I have been using this for about 3 weeks now (roughly 5 times) and am very satisfied with it's performance. I also use a hip GPS and compare it to that and it is very close to spot on. The manual is easy enough to follow, and the buttons are easy to use. I'm attaching two images taken from my phone (so ignore any black boarders, these do not appear in use). The pin seek feature is fantastic. I believe for tournaments you need to have the slope feature turned off though, and I'm not sure if that feature exists. If it does, I will update this review. Otherwise, you can just use Mode 1 (M1) and scan for a target. Overall I am very pleased with this. It has gone above my expectations. A few of these reviews seem a little fishy (who points this at a building?), so I wanted to provide a real review. For golf use, 100% would purchase it again or as a gift for someone. Construction is solid and the vibration feature is great. I can use it easy enough with sunglasses, and the focus is easy to adjust with the rotating ring around the viewport.

Emma Greer

This rangefinder is AMAZING and that is not an overstatement. I would say i am an intermediate golfer and it has been an awesome tool to have. I take it out to the range to pin point my iron distances and in the course it made my choice of clubs way easier than just guessing the yardage. It comes with a nice hard case and a strap. The rangefinder itself is sturdy and doesnt look cheap. I paid less than $100 and i think its worth every penny. Equipped with all the modes a golfer would ever need. Its shocking to see that other $200 rangefinders doesnt even have the features this one has (like the slope). In terms of accuracy, i tested it on the range and on the course, comparing it to GPS and the yardage markers, and the results were shocking, it was better than i thought. Within 100 yards it was dead set accurate. Outside 100 yards was also pretty accurate, sometimes dead set or off by a yard or two. Overall, great product and i would recommend this to all types of golfers!

Ann Vasquez

This is a great rangefinder and provides real value for money. The focus is easy to use and the pin position locks in fast despite my shaky hands. The only trouble I had was figuring out that I had to press the power button a second time to get the pin reading. It’s only been a week but so far I’m very happy with the purchase.


Drove home just to pick this up via UPS - opened the box for a Monday night golf match. Under 2 minutes and up and running with 2 AAA batteries - yes, you will need to get a pair of those. Understanding the slope is a huge asset, a course marker may tell you that you are 150 yards out, but if downhill, that really may play like 128! The slope is very helpful in determining what club to use. Now does it make me a "better" golfer? Not really - but it does help quite a bit when to change from the 8 iron to the 9 iron or any other club selection. For the less than $ is a fantastic tool. Very please after using 7 times on 9 holes! Played with my son last weekend, he has a $250 does NOT have the slope finder - thus is not worth his price on a golf course with uphill and downhill greens!


I took a chance on purchasing this sub $100 range finder after losing my old one on a golf outing. After checking out several and looking at online reviews, I settled on the GoGoGo Laser Rangefinder. I have been blown away by its performance! I have found it to be very accurate and extremely easy to use. Push the "on" button once and the target comes up, put the crosshairs on the flag until the device vibrates and then up comes the distance. But it doesn't stop there. On the display at the bottom of the viewfinder is the yardage after taking in consideration the slope between you and the pin. I recently played at Soldier Hollow (gold) in Utah where the terrain necessitates the use of a range finder with slope adjustment. It was amazing to get such an accurate reading from such an inexpensive rangefinder. I highly recommend this product for golfers!